JC Penney Optical Details and Offers

JC Penney Optical Details and Offers - Are you the one in need of optical glasses? Well, if you are, then you are most likely searching for the best suitable product for your pair of eyes, right? Thus, have you tried JC Penney optical? JC Penney optical offer you stylish glasses and eyewear at affordable prices that will be suitable for you and your family needs. JC Penney optical itself comes from JC Penney, a chain of American mid-range department stores based in Plano, Texas that operates more than 1,100 department stores in United States and Puerto Rico. 

If you need any eye exam for your eye, JC Penney optical can do that to you for they have their independent state licensed Doctors of Optometry (eye doctors). Not only for adult, is JC Penney specializing in vision care for all ages so that’s why it’s very suitable for your family. 
JC Penney Optical Details and Offers
JC Penney Optical Details and Offers
Interested in purchasing this JC Penney eyewear? As how it is stated before that JC Penney optical offers affordable prices, they also offer some discounts that surely will not make you let go of too much money for your eyewear and stuff. Want to know the great offers? Here are some of them.

From the 28th of September until October 12, JC Penney optical offers 60% off discount that apply to complete pair of clear eyeglasses. This offer can be used for frames, lenses and lens options excluding Suns, Teflon lenses and Rayban’s.

For you who are looking for sunglasses, Sunwear offers $99.99 with qualifying first pair purchase. This includes Rx lenses, 99.99 Suns Frame, Tint, UV Protection, and Scratch Resistant Coating. The promo will end on the first November 2014.

And for contact lenses, there’s also an offer given to you with only $72 per box for 6 month supply pack in which it has 12 lenses per box. But to get this offer you have to have valid contact lens prescription and it cannot be combined with another offer. The offer is valid on October 2014.

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